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"My mum has been suffering from extreme bone pain for the past few months, after many sleepless nights and visits to her doctor and countless amounts of painkillers, physio therapy sessions, X-rays and scans the doctors could still not tell her what was causing her pain. When mum suggested if it could be side effects from the chemotherapy that she had been on previously for mets to lungs and a spot on her spine they started to agree with her that this could be the cause of her pain and just kept giving her different tablets to relieve the pain but nothing was working. She lost all faith in conventional medicine. Then one day a friend of mine on Facebook contacted me and asked if my mum would try PBO‬ for the pain and swore that she would instantly get relief. She decided that she would give it a try. The first night of using it she put half a capful of PBO into her bath and applied some topically to her back afterwards. She went to bed shortly afterwards and couldn't believe that when she woke it was morning time. This was the first time she had slept a full night in months! Being a little bit skeptical finding it hard to believe that after months of medications that she was pain free for a full night, she went on to use it the next night which was last night and the same thing, she was PAIN FREE again! We are just amazed at how great this is working, and can't thank Leon enough for introducing us to it and Gersh for creating it. My mum was never one to take tablets so she's just delighted that she doesn't have to take them again and she can start getting back to doing small things that she enjoyed doing but had to give up because of the pain."

- Karen Nolan,  Waterford City Ireland



PBO is an all natural pain reliever like nothing else on the earth.  It is an olive oil based healing oil that is a proprietary blend of natural herbs, spices and essential oils.


WHY does pbo work?

PBO provides true symptom relief and not just pain relief by interacting with the human nervous system and the endocannabinoid system.  The pain is not numbed. The pain disappears very rapidly due to the natural source of oxytocin in it. It speeds up the healing process in all different conditions by an average of 80 to 90%.


HOW does pbo work?

PBO absorbs into the body very quickly through the skin.  The olive oil attaches to the myelin sheaths of the nerve endings creating a temporary bridge for the bodies natural electrical signals to flow through. The other components of the oil produce the healing sensation.  It can be used directly out of the bottle, or it can be infused to produce an even greater pain relief and healing.


HOW do I USE pbo?

PBO is used in a few different ways.


For topical pain, the most common use is to rub five or six drops directly on the area the pain is happening in your body.  Do not rub it in deeply.  Leave it on thick and let it absorb in naturally.


For all over body relief, run a warm bath and put 1/10th of an ounce into it along with natural soap.  The soap opens the pores allowing the "miracle in a bottle" to "melt the pain away" in the entire body.


For internal issues, take three drops sub-lingually under the tongue and let it stay in the mouth for about one minute.  Swish it around and swallow it after.  Repeat three times a day for three days, and then three drops once a day after that.


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PLEASE NOTE: The product that is sold by this site is a base mixture and does not contain any cannabis in it. The cannabis that can be used to infuse the mixture should be attained in accordance with local law sand only used by people that are legally able to use cannabis according to those laws. OUR BASE OIL DOES NOT REQUIRE CANNABIS TO WORK, HOWEVER IS ENHANCED WHEN IT IS INFUSED WITH CANNABIS.




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